Make your
website faster

Pageload makes your website load 35% faster
in less than 5 minutes without breaking it

A few of our clients

Every second shaved off your pageload time
will increase conversions by 2%

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No development
effort required

Installing Pageload is so simple that no programming is required. What would normally take your developer over 10 hours to do will take less than 10 minutes (not including ongoing maintenance or upgrades).

Pageload instantly gets to work and safely optimizes your store in real time.

On demand web content

Our single focus is to make your website run as fast as possible. We are constantly identifying opportunities for optimization.

We currently perform an array of cutting edge compression techniques as well as the basics; including lossless image optimization, minifying CSS and JavaScript and much more.

Works with your CDN

CloudFront, MaxCDN, CDN77, Fastly, CloudFlare; we don’t discriminate.

We are compatible with every pull-based CDN on the market, allowing us to integrate into your technical stack in a matter of minutes.

Pageload + Agencies

  • Scalability

    No matter how many websites you manage, you can get them all set up on Pageload quickly and easily

  • No Website Downtime

    We work our magic without ever taking your site offline. Which means less headache and more sales

  • Best in Class

    Because load speed is our only focus, we are able to constantly improve and innovate on our product to suit your needs

  • Speed Sells

    When pitching to your potential clients proudly state that your agency offers the best web optimization available

Pageload is an important part of our technical stack we provide to Magento customers.
They’re obsessed with speed as you can see on our client’s website:
White Fox Boutique
Matthew Craig, Director at MindArc